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Dubai 24 hours Race – Jan 2016

IMG_3083What most people will know about me is that I am a fan of motoring. Although I have not been a complete fan of Formula 1 racing, other forms of racing intrigues me more.

The last weekend, we had the pleasure of going to the 24 hours endurance race and the Dubai Autodrome. It was a great event.

The amazing this was the the entrance was free and that the public was free to go to the Paddock area and see other parts of the track.
I enjoyed it.

It was interesting to see cars that like hatchbacks compete alongside major supercars like Lamborghini, Ferraris and Porsches. The car that interested me the most was the new Renault Gt racer. It looked like the new Alpine that they had been developing.
Of course the real stars were the Audi R8 racing cars that ultimately dominated the whole race.

There were a couple crashes and accidents, but that it to be expected in any form of racing. The temperature was about +16C when we arrived  there. I didn’t feel the need for a jacket until later on towards dawn; when the temperature dropped to about +12C.

If you have not been to the 24 hours Racing event, and you are a fan of motoring, I’d say that you should go.
Ok.. you will just only be spectating and you will not have much to do except, watching cars go around the track, but for a PetrolHead / GearHead, the sound, the smell of burned rubber, it is more than enough excitement.

It also got me thinking, how much it would cost to get a team together to do this event, just for fun. Even maybe, get into racing as a hobby.








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