Dubai Taxis: A Scurge or Supplement?

UAE Driver

We have all had that moment on the road where one of these dirty canary colored Camrys or Altimas have pulled an aorta-bursting stunt before us on the road in Dubai. Makes you want to get out and and find out what he is thinking. But all they do is look back at you with a face saying: ‘What have I done wrong?’. THAT is when I have to control my blood pressure and hands.

Why do they behave like this? What makes them exempt from all road traffic regulations? Taxi drivers, listen up! You are not. And RTA (Road and Transport Authority) needs to be far more strict when issuing licences to them. I am fairly certain they are, but by the behavior of the drivers on the road, it is very hard to believe that at all. RTA spends a lot of time and money building themselves as a reputable…

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