Behold! The Masked ‘Friend’

Friendship comes in all forms. Some more desirable than others.
This is a strikingly good and well-written article. We all know of such people in our lives. If you haven’t come across them, well, now you’d know how to spot them.
However the biggest lesson here is not of discernment, but more of encouragement. There are far too many people in this world who are superficial and fake. The encouragement here is to be “Real” with those around us.


This has been weighing heavily on my heart and mind, and so I’m writing rather than whining about it, (although you can whine-write, too, which I hope I’m not doing!) At any rate, what kind of friends do you have? What kind of friend are you?

There are four different kinds (or levels) of friendship, and it’s important to know something about and the differences between them.

  • There is benigna consociation, the kindly (or friendly) association.

This is very easy to understand. This relationship is simply a friendly, on-the-surface association, such as you commonly find in the workplace. It is the ones with whom you “get along” with some attendant, lighthearted camaraderie. The benigna consociation is not one that involves cook-outs and football parties. Some descriptive words for benigna consociation might be “pleasant, nice, and comfortable.” In benigna consociation, there is no real depth or any intimacy whatsoever.

  • There…

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