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Off-roading – How it all started off…

UAE Driver

Off-roading. What do you think about this adventure? Sand dunes? Mud? Snow? All are correct. When the phrase off-road is used, most people associate a vehicle known as ‘Jeep’. To most of the public, a jeep is anything that goes off-road. Rather inaccurate as these days you cannot use that for a Land Cruiser for example. However, post-war, jeeps were the the only off-road vehicle, and the name remained affixed in the public mind.

Prior to the Second World War, a request was made by the United States Department of War for the need of a light, cross-country reconnaissance vehicle. This grew into the 1/4 ton 4×4 light utility vehicle. A few manufacturers presented their designs to the US DoW, but it was a little-known company that had the winning design – American Bantam. Though they won the design over the competition, they did not have the ability to mass-produce…

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