“Security”; The Word of the Day



Following the horrible attacks in Paris I can hardly listen to a radio talk show without “security” being an issue which is brought up.  Greater security, more security, higher security…  And always the means to achieve this desired “security” is presented as more bombings, more troops, tighter borders, more surveillance, more electronic snooping.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, we have millions of people who have been being bombed, shot at, beaten and starved for over a decade (and in many cases decades).   And for what?  Oil?  Human rights?  Really?   How is security in the Middle East after all the bombing?

Here in the U.S. we have great, inordinate amounts of our tax dollars going to pay for the bombs, bullets, guns, planes, ships, oil, supplies, to keep the Middle East…what?  What are we trying to do that has anything to do with people having a better, brighter or…

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