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Alvis – Forgotten maker? Not anymore!

UAE Driver

UAE Driver had the opportunity to visit the popular DIMS, and it certainly was worth it. Out of all the vehicles on display, one manufacturer caught our attention. Alvis. Who? ALVIS. The Alvis Car Company, the last of the true all-Brit manufacturers. This company was an inevator in it’s day and has quite a history. Here are some quick facts:
1919 – Alvis Car Company was established by T. G. John.
1920 – Alvis begins manufacturing cars.
1925 – First car manufacturer to design and race a FWD car.
1928 – Manufacture and market a FWD production car.
1933 – Design world’s first all-synch gear box.
1939-45 – Produces engines for the RAF.
1940 – Car production halted due to WW2.
1967 – Car production ceased after 47 years.
1968 – Continued to produce parts and restore cars for owners.
2010 – Car production recommences.
2015 – The Continuation Series…

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