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One Year with IronHide

10387208_944502215561692_385290390042165646_nIt is hard to believe that time can move so fast. Yet it has.

IronHide is a year old now. It shows in its chipped and lightly scratched paint. Now matter how careful I’ve been, I cannot stop the actions of the inconsiderate idiot.

Apparently all these scrapes and scratches are part of owning a car in Dubai. Angers me how I see another truck on the road and it is pristine. Yet, I’ve been having the worst time in trying to keep mine the same way.

Other than that, IronHide has proven to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. We all have that romance period when something new enters our lives. Whether it is a new car, new house, apartment, job, relationship, etc., we treat it as the best thing in the world. But once everything settles down and everything becomes familiar and routine, you realize that you have to live with this, every single day.

I will say that I there were moments when I questioned on whether I made the right choice. Now I will say that there is really no doubt. I’m amazed at how useful it has been. From towing my Alfa when it broke down to going up a rocky mountain road, IronHide has proven to more than capable to do the job.



11081276_10153058816755935_4483743456285908473_nI have not taken it completely off-road into the desert. Someone once said that the Dodge Ram 1500 is not that good off-road as compared to the Chevy / GMC pickups and the Ford F150 Raptors. But then, a member of an off-roading club here in Dubai messaged me online and said that with all the trucks that they have in their club, the Rams seem to handle the desert better than the others.

I have plans for this truck.  As I see it now, it is a blank canvas. I’m planning some tasteful modifications. However whatever I do should not affect its amazing handling on the road.

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