The Day the World Changed….

Le Torri gemelle del World Trade Center colpite dai due aerei dirottati l'11 settembre 2001. REUTERS/Steven James Silva

Le Torri gemelle del World Trade Center colpite dai due aerei dirottati l’11 settembre 2001. REUTERS/Steven James Silva

Who among us here remembers the September 11th, 2001. Do you recall what you were doing on that day?

In the last decade, this day stands about as one that completely changed the way we live. This was the day, when we realised that there were groups of people around the world who hate us and our way of life enough that they would be willing to lay their life on the line, just to eradicate it.

Terrorism was just a minor thing until this happened. Oh sure, there were bombings and other things going on.. But that day we faced the reality that no matter how safe we thought we were, we truly were not.

Quite a lot has happened since then, but though we fight and fight, the war on Terror does not seem to want to end. With the recent death of Bin Laden  we thought we left it behind us, now we have ISIS.
Much like the slogan of the villainous Hydra organization from the Marvel comics, chop of one head, two more does seem to take its place; eagerly I might add, each one more determined and heartless than the one before it.

It would appear that this new organization is determined to unite this world, but only under the rule of religious radicalism.

The amazing thing is that all it took was the actions of a small group of people to change the world to what we have today. So if this can happen for the worse, what does it take for us to change the world for the better?

It seems much like the words of the John Mayer song, we’re just waiting on the world to change again… I say, don’t. Don’t wait on a world to change. Be the change in your world.
You might ask, “How?”… No one is asking you to put on heavy gear and join the ranks. But instead, stop living in your own bubble and start to look at the needs of those around you. I myself am guilty of the former; now I’m working on the latter.
All it takes is something small. The ISIS, pray on the needy and unfortunate to add to their ranks. So if there are no needy people, they won’t have anyone to manipulate.

There are always going to those who mean us harm; a cause they strongly believe in. I guess it takes a few more individuals with the same level of belief in peace to change it back for the better.


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