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Has Paris finally United the World?

12231703_827316564032232_725281394_nA couple of days ago, while at the Dubai Airshow, I was speaking with a friend how much our world as changed after the events of 9/11. Today, reading through a recent blog post of Tiffany Cline, (Thoughts about our world) I began to wonder about the real state of our world.

Today most of the world shares its thoughts and well wishes to the people of Paris. World shows support

Before the events of 9/11, most of us around the world thought that we are safe and the events of last world war, cold war and fights in between were left behind in the century before it. But then comes the Bin Laden & his band of misfits and turns all our conceptions and ideas upside down. We soon realised that there was a sect of people who literally hated us and declared war on freedom and our way of life.

_86687810_8be27183-5520-4f8d-9f50-bf2341e0b3bcWe all thought that with the death of Bin Laden, major events of terrorism are behind us. But now with the whole ISIS cropping up all over the middle east, we are seeing that they’re only just beginning… Also with the whole amount of refugees entering Europe, I knew that it would an eventual case when someone would sneak in amongst them… God I hate being right sometimes.

Just as my friend Tiffany said,  “our world needs a makeover”. With the horrific events of yesterday in Paris, this is so very true. Now we see ourselves standing united with the people of Paris in the same way that we stood with the people of NYC during 9/11.

So has Paris united the world? Well it seems it has in some way. But now I ask the question, WHY? Why do we wait for some catastrophic event or tragedy to unite us? People were dying every single day and it seemed that we couldn’t care less until this happened. Many of us live in our own little bubbles, often facing our own little crises.

“What can we do?”, I hear you say. Valid question. I myself am limited by resources, etc., but there is something that you can do… Pray.. Pray like you’ve never prayed before.. It cost you nothing, but a few seconds in day. If at all anything, the events of Paris should have thought us to be more appreciative of the life that has been given to us; inclusive of the troubles. They are nothing compared to losing it over something so pointless as religious radicalism.

So in my prayers for Paris, I will also say a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings I enjoy and quite often take for granted…. I also pray that this whole ISIS problem will be sorted out and that we’ll have leaders who are bold enough to take a stand against these moronic, heartless fanatics.


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