Girl Trouble

Mambo No. 5

These days I find that my daily life is less and less ordinary and more and more like the lyrics of the Lou Bega song. Ever since I registered on those Russian dating sites and decided to treat it as a social experiment, I’ve been getting a number of letters; the figures make me sound like an arabian prince collecting a harem or even the next Hugh Hefner.

You’re probably asking what kind of social experiment am I really doing? What do  I really expect to gain from this.. ?
Honestly I was not sure when I started. I guess I wanted to see what kind of women would someone like me attract. Part of me even wondered if this was a possible way of me finding true love.
Looking through the profiles on the site, its literally like browsing a buffet table. The sheer number and volume of choice is staggering.

At first, I wondered why so many gorgeous women could not find men in their lives. It’s a pretty hard thing to swallow, considering that women as beautiful as them here in Dubai, are pretty sure to already have boyfriends or husbands. Seemed like some sort of setup to attract desperate men. After speaking to a few I understood that each one has their reasons for being there; failed relationships, marriages, etc.

04So.. Are there really so many gorgeous single women in Ukraine?
Well.. Yes. There are.
Are they really as Gorgeous as you say?
See for yourself…

As the letters rolled in, it felt weird that I’m so popular on these sites and yet in the flesh, women find me repulsive. For the moment I’m getting about on average 1200 letters a day; some from new ladies who just came across my profile, other letters from those whom I’m already talking to. Most of the letters are from 100 – 200 ladies that message me and send me multiple letters every day. Sometimes more… but 1200 is quite a large number.
Is this a dream? In the months that passed I’ve spoken to over 300 women, 100 of whom I’m talking to on a daily basis; exchanged over 12,000 letters and conversations and spoken on the phone with about 6. So it would seem that since the site works on credits I’m down on quite a bit of cash. Haha..
The site says that in order to make sure that I don’t loose credits as fast and make better use of my money and subscription, they tell me to just focus on one lady and then only talk to her. They tell me to just ignore the letters from the ones that I’m not really keen on.

That advice is all well and good. But I’m not the kind of person that will just ignore someone. After all, they’re not just electronic profiles. These are real people, expressing real intentions. So I’m often compelled to answer them. I’ve been truthful with all the ladies I’ve spoken with.

Every day I ask myself whether I should just end this whole thing. I’m feeling my ‘social experiment’ is coming to a close and that I would be severing my connections with these dating sites soon. However it would be shame to let go of the amazing friendships that I’ve made over these past months.

There are a couple of ladies that I’m truly and genuinely interested in getting to know better. So you could say that I’ve found a couple of gems in of this. But now comes the most difficult choice of all. How does one choose among the gems?

Imagine a box of 8 cute puppies. Now imagine that you have to choose only one. How would you choose? From what you know, anyone of them will make a good pet. So what would be your deciding factor?

I’m not serious suggesting that I’m comparing women to puppies, but I think that you get the idea of what I’m trying to express. Choosing one person to spend the rest of your life with is not a simple choice. It is a commitment. It is a serious commitment to me. Not something that I will take lightly.

It would be impossible for me to say until I meet each and every one of them in person. So that is about the next  thing that I would have to do.

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