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The Ukrainian Connections – Are they worth it?

heart_with_arrow-1920x1440 (1)It’s pretty clear that with the invention of the internet, our world has literally shrunk. The coverage of media and social networks, means that your friends and relatives can share your most best moments in life in practical real time; even though their hundreds of miles away, on the other side of the planet.

Then comes the matters of the heart. I’m pretty sure that we all have seen the movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” While some of us have the luxury of actually meeting the person you are conversing online with on a daily basis, others have to wait in what seems as an eternity.

In recent times, I’m sure that most of us who browse online for quite a while, will certainly notice a number of advertisements for dating Russian Brides and Russian ladies, etc. In all intents and purposes, the ads that you see for these Russian dating sites are not be taken likely. Followers of my blog will be familiar with the following articles:

I also sure that those who follow the blog will be wanting to know what has happened since I posted these articles. Well, what started out as a drunken mistake, I turned into a sort of a social experiment. It isn’t a secret that all my efforts on Tinder and to woo women here in Dubai hasn’t really worked out that well. I fell in love with someone from work, that turned out to be a failure and an utter disaster. I don’t know why, but it seems to me that women in Dubai don’t find me attractive; OR, are only looking for rich, wealthy, sugar-daddies. Or its probably just me itself. I do tend to be a bit of a idiot when it comes to relationships.
One thing was made apparent to me though, while being at a bar with a friend of mine who happens to be a Brit. If you’re not from the west, or you don’t have anything exotic or impressive about you, its pretty sure that its only slim pickings. Probably the only one that would go out with me is someone that looks like a boiled horse with all the personality of cactus.

Initially when I found out that I had registered on these sites, I was intrigued. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that I could really do such a thing. Considering also that I had paid a 6 months subscription on them, I decided to take advantage of the situation and treat it like a social experiment. Little did I know that I was actually know that its like opening Pandora’s box.

To anyone reading this and contemplating such a step for real, let me tell you this, you need to prepare yourself.
Also do your homework.. You need to know the way that the sites work and what you are going to be paying for. There are many sites and you easily could be taken in for a ride. So Read my previous articles and use the very same sites that I registered on. I can guarantee you that they are legit. However I will tell you that even with all the checking and verification, there will be those who slip through the cracks. The site does have a few guidelines that should be followed in order to make sure that you don’t get scammed into sending money, etc.

Screen ShotMy first question going into it was whether I was setting myself up to be scammed. The answer to that is Yes and No. There is a reason that these sites ask you pay for a membership fee or buy credits. You’re basically paying for security.
Running a successful site requires constant updates and development. So my payment actually makes sure that the site stays active and to make sure that I’m not scammed and to make sure that the lady I’m talking to is real.
So, its real. The ladies that I’m talking to are real; as you can see by the picture.

I will say this though. From the two sites that I’ve registered, one seems to be less business like than the other. However the other has the more interesting prospects and it more advertised and well known. The biggest drawback to that second site is that while it is so secure, it really treats itself as an agency and a business. You buy credits to charge your account with and use credits to interact with the ladies. The problem is that it seems to me that it is designed to make you loose credits fast so that you have to pay to buy more.

It sounds like these sites are trying to make a profit on ‘Love’; and to be honest, I would say that they are. But then again, no one on this earth really does anything for free. I spoke with the admins of the site about this and they said that it was necessary in order to protect both the men and women on the site. Wouldn’t want jokers, playing the fool with people’s emotions. It makes sure that only those who are seriously looking for their significant other will be using the site. Most of the site’s male customers are actually older men, looking for younger women. Whether to them, it is a sort of a trophy or something to make them feel young, I don’t know.

Does the Age really matter…?

Is all of this worth it? In all the connections that I’ve made, is there a gem? Is there someone who intrigues me enough that I can easily tell a friend that going down this route on a Russian dating site is a viable option to finding a life partner… ? Yes. I didn’t find just one, I found 20 or more…

16To be blatantly candid, its not ideal. You have to deal with something that is a form of a professional agency. I guess one of the main things that have me stumped and really prevents me from taking this more seriously, is that all of it rather feels more like a business transaction rather than building a friendship or relationship.
I went into this with an open mind. Before even talking to anyone on the sites, I did my homework. Got in touch with previous clients of theirs. Happy to report that many of them are in great marriages; with no regrets.

With the numbers, it sounds like I’m an Arabian prince, collecting a harem. I’m not. All I want is one girl. One person, who is the magic of my day, my first thought when I wake up in the morning and my last thought at night.

I’m not even sure that I will end up with a lady from one of these sites, although it is pretty much a really tempting offer. Yes.. They really are that beautiful. See for yourself. 🙂

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