It's just Me...

34 & counting

candleIt’s the September 22nd again; nothing like a birthday to remind one of his/ her own mortality. A gentle alarm that the time is ticking away and you’re a year closer to the end. Or are you?…

To a believer in Christ mortality isn’t much of a worry. The end of my time here on earth is merely the beginning of an eternity. Having been dead once already, I will be honest, the end does not scare me. I know my eternal destination. I’m assured of it. But my article here, now, isn’t about that. It’s about the quality of my time here on this planet.

The more pessimistic of us, would start to talk about bucket lists and things that would’ve been had they made the right choices in life. Truly, are you in the place that you’re not supposed to be. Perhaps…
In my life, there is that one major “kick up the ass” reminder where I had an opportunity to change my life for the better. It was offered to me and I turned it down. Why? I didn’t see the potential. Now I do. Have I missed my opportunity? If I was pessimistic, yes.
The optimist in me, looks at my life and says I would not be where I am today without the mistakes I’ve made. My mistakes, moulded my character; made me the man I am. Whether I’m good or bad, those around me will be the judge; so far, I’ve had little to no complaints. LOL. 😛

My birthday does bring mixed feelings. There are many things that I imagined myself having accomplished by this age; and yet I haven’t gotten one thing off the ground. I’m not even close to living the real life I want or dream of living. Maybe its my priorities. They’re not what they should be.

I always have this generic verse that I use to wish my friends on their birthdays. Here’s a couple of lines from it.

A year has passed, time to renew
This is your day, to redefine you.
Look back on the days, the good & the bad;
You’ll find much treasure, worthy to be had

With every laugh, a memory;
Every sorrow, a lesson.
Growth comes to us all,In every age and season..

Just as they suggest, today is my day to redefine myself for the better. I look at this birthday as a day to make a resolution. To look back, store the treasure; and more importantly, dump the trash. Shouldn’t enter a new year with regrets.
I’ve grown; not just in age. In doing so, I’ve made some amazing choices. I’ve made some real poor ones. Looking at my mistakes, there are times I wonder what I’ve grown into. “To error is human”; so I guess my flaws are the only remaining traces of my humanity. If that’s true, so be it. I’d rather have my flaws than cease to be human altogether.

So this is the point where I raise my glass and make a toast to myself – I’m 34. I’ll never be 34 again. Here’s to the joys and troubles 35 has for me. Here’s to living life to the fullest and by this time next year, I hope to be the better man; if not the best.


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