Life in Dubai

Dubai – Unnecessarily Driving Hell

Motoring journalists from my favourite shows come to Dubai and are in awe at the large smooth roads and amazing motoring scene makes this country pretty much the world capital for speed. Yet they are only here for a short while and never experience traffic that in truth shouldn’t exist at all.
Every metropolitan city has traffic. It is a fact. When you crowd that many cars into such a finite space, there will always be traffic; there will always be delays. However, it seems rather pointless that such a large highways with more than 5 lanes on each side, should experience complete standstill traffic for extended periods of time.
The reason – Dubai, is the land of large roads, but small minds.
Only in Dubai will you find roads that are just about as modern as a 1st world country, but the drivers are about as 4th world as it gets. They are so small minded, self-centered that they are ready to break the law just to get one car space ahead of another.

Dubai Road AccidentTake a look at the picture. Dubai was voted as having some of the most dangerous roads in the world. Not because of difficult roads and terrain, but because of these narrow minded fools.

Today while trying to take a busy turn off a highway, a moron in a Mercedes just came and cut in across me; without having the decency to wait in line behind. He completely insulted me and those behind me. He wasn’t the only offender. Just as he did that, another jerk in a Nissan Patrol attempted to do the same; pushing me aside because I was in an ordinary sedan. If only I was in IronHide. They wouldn’t try it.
I was pretty mad. I felt like getting out of the car, tying a lasso around their necks and dragging them behind as I drove to a veterinary clinic; where I would have them neutered with a blunt instrument. Sounds drastic? Sounds awful? Imagine the many times this guy purposely did the very same to countless others without even moment’s thought; thinking himself greater than everyone else. Now imagine this fool doing this to you again and again. You will not think it so harsh a punishment.

Friends I know are telling me to let it go and that there is nothing that you can do about it. I honestly feel like armouring my truck and going on the offensive against these guys. Every one who cuts and breaks the rules of the road, shoot their tyres.
You might be asking what the Police are doing. To be honest, absolutely nothing. Since many of the offenders are locals in expensive machines, it would appear that they would rather overlook it than drag their asses to court.


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