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H66920, We’re Not Amused!!!!

Dear H66920,

My brother and I were not  in the least bit amused seeing your disgraceful attitude on the road last night. You think you’re so cool, driving in the fast lane at night, without your headlights on; changing lanes without signalling. The amount of people you who swerved out of the way because they could not see you was not pleasant.
Your lights seemed to work rather well when you decided to flash a law abiding resident off the fast lane while you were doing well over the speed limit.
All my efforts to tell you that your lights were not on went ignored which suggested that you were doing it intentionally.
You’re not an undercover cop or super spy tailing someone. You were going way too fast for that. Besides, those childish stunts belong only on television.
So, we’re not amused when someone as arrogant and inconsiderate as you  chooses to endanger the lives of other people on the road. The roads are public property, not your playground.

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