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Operating Systems – Does it matter what you use?


With the recent launches of Windows 10 and other new releases of Linux and Mac OS X around the corner, I was actually wondering whether it was time for me to make a switch.

My house is a myriad of technology. We have a linux box acting as a gateway and a router, another linux box as a File & Storage server, a 3 machines running Windows 8 (recently upgraded to 10), an Apple notebook and then there is Albert.
Those not familiar with Albert, it is a Hackintosh. My own personal computer. You can read about him here…

So why would I go through the trouble of building a computer that runs Mac OS X? Why not just buy a Mac? Well  for what I spent on Albert, I would have to spend a bit more and get an iMac; which wouldn’t be as upgradeable and would be lower in spec.
Why choose OS X over running Windows or Linux. What is so special about Mac OS X? What can you do with OS X that you could not do with any other OS? The answer is simple… Nothing.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a fan of Apple systems and devices. Some friends of mine would go even further to call me an Apple Fan boy. In fact the term “Mac-guy” isn’t treated with the same level of respect in the Geek factor. Seriously. Apple devices of late are right now seen by devices used by hipsters and not real professionals; unless you are in the advertising and publishing fields.
Back in the days prior to OS X, most real hackers and computer experts would not even touch Macs; claiming that they are just kids toys, not real computers.

Well this is the reason that I choose to use Mac OS X.

So why not use something like Windows or Linux?
To be honest. I have been toying with the idea of switching over to something a bit more better. OS X has not been getting the best of reviews at the moment in terms of benchmarks. I was thinking about it for a while and decided to stick with OS X.

I’m not a fan of Windows. Never was. At the time that I got into computers, it wasn’t great at reliability but it was the OS to have because we were gamers. For gaming, Windows still stands as the best; getting the best in terms of graphic performance. I sill maintain that. But I’m not a gamer. I’m just an average user and I prefer something like Linux to Windows any day. So being an average user, Windows would be perfect. It’s easy to use and there is plenty of support.
Windows is good. I’m forced to use it at work. It has improved drastically over the old 98, Me & XP crap. But still the fact that it has that awful registry and is always in need of an antivirus, I’m not interested.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Linux; specifically distros of OpenSUSE or Fedora with the Gnome3 environment.. Something about the idea of going against the crowd and being a part of something known as the open source and free software movement.
The one thing that appeals to me about Linux is the fact that it is so customizable. The ability to have complete control of your operating system is something that I like about it. This you won’t get with the other two. I’ve been thinking of getting into programming as well and from what I hear that Linux presents the best in terms of development areas.

Honestly the difference in between the Operating systems are not that big anymore. It really does not matter what you use. Whatever you want to do, you will be able to do it, no matter what system you are using. Granted some Operating systems are better at some things than others.

I decided that while it was tempting to switch to Linux to all that control over the OS, Linux does not have the polish that Mac OS X does. Also OS X is able to natively have Microsoft’s amazing Office Suite as well as other well known applications like Adobe Photoshop. With its Unix core and the Terminal app, it should have some of the advanced features and stuff that Linux does. Even if it is not completely open sourced. 🙂
Using stuff like MacPorts and Homebrew you have access to free software that is easily available for Unix or Linux. There are people who are maintaining those repositories. So OS X has pretty much everything that I need at the moment and probably everything that I will ever need from an operating system.

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