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Jurassic World – Worth Watching


For those who did not get to watch this movie on the big screen, you really don’t know what you missed. Yes. The story is the same as the old one.

If you go to watch this much awaited sequel with high expectations of amazing script, plot, etc., you will be disappointed. I would say, although this is a sequel, do not treat it as a sequel. Treat it as something different. You will not be sorry.


The story goes that the park is now up and running and that they are always trying to do things better to get more and more visitors. They’re in need of better attraction. As a result, they attempted to create a new dinosaur. Something that will bring in investors, visitors, etc.


As with all movies of this type, you need a rough and tough hero and you need the sexy babe factor. Haha..

For the rough part, Chris Pratt does very well and as for the babe factor, Bryce Dallas Howard does extremely well. Exceeds all the previous movies I think. 😉

She portayed her character very well in the sense that you really got what kind of person “Claire” really is.



She is also joined by Katie McGrath, who looked extremely radiant, given her limited screen appearance.

And then, we have the scared kids. Well in this case, just like the original, a small boy and a teenager; Nick Robinson & Ty Keegan Simpkins.


maxresdefaultIn the original Jurassic Park, you did not get that much of dino screen presence as you did in this one. Understandable considering what they had to work with at the time and the recent leaps and bounds that we have made in computer generated effects. So for that alone, this movie deserves respect.

What I especially liked about it was the fact that the dinosaurs were not just the killers, but in the end also stood as heroes along side the humans in the movie. A friend described it as the Godzilla effect.

I enjoyed the movie and you can imagine that I would be glad to add this to my collection of Dino flicks.

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