Making Time Count

Good people need to do good. Otherwise we can’t count ourselves as good people.

Seth Adam Smith

You’ve probably heard it said that “time is money,” meaning that your time could be used to make money. But a team of philanthropists have recently developed an app that actually turns your time into a powerful force for good.

The app is called Time Machine and it works a little something like this: you download the app, choose one of the available projects (sponsored by an organization you support), take action of some kind (visit a hospital, watch a video, share information on social media, et cet.), and then get Karma (points, the chance to win big prizes, fluffy feelings) on the spot! Of course, that’s not why you do it…but the rewards are given, nonetheless.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because one of the co-founders of this app is Lindsay Hadley—my friend! A professional do-gooder, Lindsay has raised millions of dollars for social causes. But in…

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