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It’s Not Natural… Or is it?

Mark-Zuckerberg-Celebrate-PrideThe past few days has seen an increase with a number of people, including great friends of mine whom I admire and respect, changing their profile pictures of Facebook to a rainbow coloured one. Pictured on the right is the one posted by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.
Like so many of the Facebook trends, I didn’t follow or participate.

Now here is where things get interesting as I’m about to upset quite a few people. The trend was to celebrate the fact that Same Sex Marriages are now legal all across the U.S.
Now some would call this a step in the right direction and a huge accomplishment for human rights and the treatment of homosexuals as equals.

My not participating would suggest that I’m not for the homosexual movement. My belief is that sex is an act of a couple in love and purely designed by God as a method for procreation. And you cannot procreate without a male and a female. It takes a plug and a socket to generate electricity. But before anyone calls me a ‘Homophobe’ or anti-whatever, I will say that I treat everyone equal, regardless of anyone’s sexual preference. Its rule # 1… (Rules)
Do I see the law as a good thing?… Yes.

Being a Christian, I know the official stance of the Full-Gospel church is against same sex relationships. Rightly so.. its not the way God intended for human relationships to be. The bible describes laws and two whole cities being burned to the ground as a result of their homosexuality. Bet you didn’t know that was there in the bible. 😛

Here is my view on the whole thing. Frankly, I’m glad that the law was passed. People should be allowed to marry whomever they want. The thing is that people are never satisfied. I’m sure sometime in the future people will probably be campaigning to be able to marry their pets or robots.
So I’m OK with people being homosexual. I don’t like it, but I will accept it as its their choice. God gave man free will; Who am I to take that away from them?

When someone comes up to me and tells me that homosexuality is a natural thing. Its not a choice that they make; some people are just born that way. That is a lie.. Or is it?

An extremely good friend on Facebook was really disappointed with me on my views on homosexuality and the resulting discussion presented me with these two links.
10 Animals That Practice Homosexuality.

Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture

My view was that animals didn’t practise homosexuality, so how can it be natural?
Most would say, that clearly I had not seen a female dog hump another female. Well, actually I have. Dogs mostly do it as a form of establishing a hierarchy; to see who is the Alpha dog in area, pack, etc.. In fact most animals do it for that very reason.
When a dog humps your leg, he is trying to tell you he’s the dominant male in the area.
Then what about the article in the above link that I have posted?. Clearly it shows my views are wrong…
Well Yes and No. Truthfully, as someone who has been around animals for most of his life, I can tell you that animals view relationships in a far more different way than to what you humans do.
I’m not denying the scientific evidence. I’m just saying that at times we have been known to interpret things differently as to what they really are.
The article is clear that if animals do engage in such activities, its usually caused by some external factor.

The second article deals with the question if homosexuality is a choice or a result of being predisposed (born that way).
I guarantee that if anyone was to take a sample of my blood and the blood of any homosexual, I’m sure that you’re not going to find any gene or cell that is different. Yet the article talks about two different theories out there. One suggests that scientific evidence states that some people are born homosexual and any human has the potential to be so.
Another theory is that it is caused by the conditioning of the person’s mind; life experiences, relationships, upbringing, etc. Its psychological and sociological.
Look at a number of celebrities who had a number of really great hetrosexual relationships and then turned homosexual after they all failed. Were they already predisposed or did their failed relationships and social pressure, etc. change them?
Forget celebrities. There are so many people who have been married for so many years and then all of sudden say that they gay. What gives? What caused the sudden change?

And now a question for the Christians. If scientific evidence proves that people are born that way, why did God put laws and stuff against homosexuality?
It would be a cruel joke for a so called all knowing and loving God to predispose someone to a life of homosexuality and say that he is not allowed in heaven because he is gay.

In all honesty, non of the above articles actually prove anything completely about homosexuality. They have observed, gathered scientific data and developed a few theories. The only thing is clear is that my assumptions were partly wrong.

The truth of the matter is that the real truth about homosexuality will be found out sooner or later. While some evidence points to factors that are not in our control, others says it is. All we know is that homosexuality is a reality in our lives and is becoming increasingly accepted as a norm in society.
Pretty soon there will be a point where we’re not going to care.


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  1. well said, my thinking is that whenever someone makes a lifestyle choice that is unpopular or not readily accepted by society, then they’re goal is to educate people so that they feel accepted and loved, then they can do what they want without guilt or awkwardness. only Jesus will ever love you and accept you the way you are.

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