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Performance Appraisal



It’s that time of the year again. If you’re someone who works in a truly professional environment you will be familiar with this. The firm that I work for holds their annual performance appraisals at this time. Time for them to evaluate my performance over the past year. Do I exceed expectations or do I disappoint…?

performance-appraisalAt the office, many things are taken into question and you are evaluated on how you have performed in the past year. In the company I work for, your immediate supervisor will arrange a date and time to meet and discuss the appraisal. Along with the email of the appointment, he/she will send you an appraisal form. This is for you to fill out and rate yourself on the various highlighted criteria.
Then at the meeting, the both of you will discuss the ratings.

This begs the question. Performance Appraisals are excellent in a professional level. But how many of us take time to do it on a personal level?
Do we really take the time to see what can be improved? Those who know me, know that I Am my biggest critic. Where others see good, I see flaws that need correcting. So someone might believe that I’m not a fan of myself and would give myself the worst possible appraisal ever.

Despite to what anyone around me thinks, being hard on myself has made me what I am today. No one wants to hear their faults; especially from others. So my opinion is why wait for others to tell you your faults? Be honest, admit your flaws and correct them. At the same time, if you have done good, give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next challenge.

performance-appraisal-1-728Have you given yourself an appraisal? What rating would you give yourself? Is everything in your life as you imagine it to be? Are you the kind of person that you imagine yourself to be?

As a personal note, I taken the liberty to give myself an appraisal every 6 months. I need to know that I’m doing my best in all areas of my life and if I’m getting closer or further from reaching my personal goals.

If all I can give myself is a score that is “Satisfactory”, I’m balanced and open minded to accept that. Satisfactory means that I’m on the right track but I’ve got some ways to go to be exceptional. 🙂



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