Jurassic World



dino-ridersWhen I was a kid, if you wanted to capture the imagination of children, you show them a dinosaur. Anything to do with Dinosaurs was popular. Every single franchise in the world had something to do with Dinosaurs.
In the TMNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series you had the Triceratops creatures. Transformers had the Beast Wars.
There were other shows dedicated to dinosaurs too, from cartoons like Dino-Riders, to documentaries, etc. Then came the epic movies by Spielberg to forever solidify his career – Jurassic Park. The movies of a Dinosaur theme park gone wild.

Jurassic WorldNow of course there is a new movie to add to the mix. Just when we thought that we were done with islands at the end of part 3, the makers of the Jurassic Park decide to go back and take a step further by building a completely new dinosaur. Question… did it have to be a predator? Why not make a gigantic sauropod?
Anyways it seems pointless since all the animals in Jurassic park are genetically modified as well. Those who were paying attention will remember that they showed how they modified the dna with frog dna to fill in the gaps of the genetic code.

I personally have not seen the movie yet, but I imagine that I will find it entertaining despite all the crazy story lines. Like I said earlier, as a kid I was fascinated with dinosaurs. I still am…

My main reason for this article is about our fascination with these majestic creatures. So what is it about these creatures that captures our imagination? Is it their size, diversity, etc.? Or the fact that we’ve never actually seen one? Or perhaps its the way Dinos became extinct and the fact that mankind really didn’t have anything to do with it.
I believe it is the fact that we keep finding evidence of such magnificent creatures which are now long extinct and we cannot help wonder why and what they really would have looked like. While every kid is fascinated with dinosaurs, very few have actually taken keen interest to go into the field of paleontology. Not surprising, Paleontology is not a glamorous job. Its actually hard work where you’re crawling around in dust and mud looking for signs of ancient life. But its seems to me that even though we have so many overwhelming fossils, etc., the more we unearth, the more questions we have, rather than answers. Oh sure some things can be explained, but to be honest, mostly its all speculation at this point. The BBC series, “Walking With Dinosaurs” is pretty much a mix of speculation and facts. But what I gather from that series is that these animals simply were majestic. It would certainly be amazing to see one in real life.
I will not get into a debate about evolution, etc. There is scientific evidence that man and dinosaurs did exist together – from cave paintings to footprints to even tools.

So our imagination of dinosaurs and cave men are not founded on vain thoughts. Our ancestors probably really did eat Bronto-burgers like in the Flintstones.
With all that we know about geography and our world, it is highly unlikely that there is a “Lost World” or island full of ancient life. We have thought about it. Books have been written, movies made; yet the fact remains that dinosaurs no longer exist on this earth… Or do they?
There is hope in the form of the lochness monster to “Mokele-mbembe” in central Africa… Spoken in hush terms in same way as ‘BigFoot’ or ‘the Abominable Snowman’… the number of sightings, surely state that there is something truthful yet unexplained about them.

For the moment, in between what we know and don’t know about Dinosaurs is  metaphorically, a vast chasm. But these creatures fascinate us and will continue to fascinate us for generations to come. 🙂

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