Girl Trouble

OH No… I’m Ranma

Regular people will be wondering what I’m talking about.

1386031231684One of the things that my regular followers and readers don’t know about me is that I’m a geek. I may not be university professor material like the guys on Big Bang Theory, but I enjoy geeky stuff; which includes crazy, out of the ordinary things like watching Japanese anime cartoons.

I know what I just said there is going to put some people off, but bear with me. While mostly the story lines revolve around robotics or martial arts or some weird stuff, lets not forget that for a while people were practically going Pokemon crazy not too long ago. So I guess I’m not as weird as many would tend to believe.

For those who are not anime fans, Ranma 1/2 is an 80s anime who story revolves around the adventures of a young man named Ranma, his love life and martial arts. Kind of like another famous anime – DragonBall. I’m sure you know all about that. 😛
Sure like all anime there is a whole load of frontal nudity, etc.. For an 80s anime its pretty interesting with comedic sitcom style storylines.
The story is that Ranma is a young and promising Japanese martial artist, who while on a trip to China with his father, falls into a “cursed” spring. Now when he falls into or is splashed with cold water, he turns into a girl. Hot water only changes him back into a guy again.

To further complicate things, in the first episode, the boy and his father return to Japan to go to stay with one of his father’s old friends who owns a dojo. The boy has been betrothed to wed one of the man’s daughters, Akane; who is apparently a marital artist herself and more of a tom-boy. The idea is that they will keep the legacy of the dojo going. Neither Ranma, nor Akane are happy with the arrangement. And so the adventures begin..

As it turns out while journeying with his father when he was a child, poor Ranma was betrothed to more than one girl, by his father. Which means now, as the episodes further along, more characters come in to become a part of the mess and mayhem that is Ranma’s life; from old nemesis’, new ones who are rivaling for the affections of Akane to more fiancés than the boy knows what to do with. Every day is a fight; girls fighting for his attention and guys trying to kill him for the girls.
All Ranma wants to do is be left alone, find a cure for the curse, be a normal guy again and focus on his martial arts.

Screen ShotSo what is the meaning of the title? Why am I comparing myself to Ranma? I don’t have mad martial arts skills. Nor neither do I turn into a girl when splash with cold water; although I might scream like one.
The real reason for the article is the can of worms that has been opened since my joining of the Russian dating sites. I have been getting so many letters and messages from ladies that I don’t even know what to do with. So like the anime character Ranma, I’m in a situation where I have so many beautiful women seeking my attention. Are these ladies actually real? How do I know they are not some scammers? If they are real, What do I do now? Those are just a few of the questions in my mind right about now.

I have been talking to some of ladies that have contacted me on the sites. It is easy to think that these dating sites are nothing but money making scams, but the two that I’ve apparently joined are genuine sites;  with genuine people looking for the right partner in life. The picture should give a good indication. I’m on a video chat with her.

In my article, “Doors.. Is there another?“, I asked a few questions. At the end of that article I stated that the real issue wasn’t whether there was another door or not, it was choosing which I should take. Now I ask…
Was getting rejected by the girl in the office a good thing? Did it open up possibilities for something better? For someone better?

As the days go by, more and more letters are coming in with ladies looking for my attention and seeking to make me their own; lovely ladies, with equally lovely personalities.
This all seems way too crazy or weird to even be true. How is it possible that someone like me will be able to get so much attention on these sites, when I can’t even get a girl to talk to me at a bar?
It seems apparent that I only appear attractive in the virtual world, whereas my real persona leaves much to be desired.

Nevertheless, I have been completely honest with all of them and made known that while I do find many of them attractive, I can only be friends with them. This not because I believe that I’ve found my true love already. Some ladies I do find interesting, but I want to be friends for now. My hopes are that if I’m honest right from the start, they would not see me as some kind of sexual predator or playboy; but a genuine person and a genuine friend.

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