Don’t Give Up. The Cannons Are Coming…

Seth Adam Smith

The British Evacuate Boston The British Evacuate Boston

Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I’m reminded of a true story from the American Revolutionary War. To me, this story is a testament of the power of persistence in the most difficult of circumstances.

In January of 1776, the American cause was on the brink of ruin. In fact, things were so bad that General Washington (who rarely ever allowed himself to show signs of discouragement) sent a letter to Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Reed saying “Few people know the predicament we are in.” He went on to say that if he had known what he was getting himself into, he might not have accepted the command as General (Source:The Writings of George Washington).

And yet, two months later (almost exactly) General Washington’s forces surrounded Boston with heavy cannons, forcing 11,000 British troops and 1,000 loyalists to evacuate the city. In a bloodless maneuver, Washington had managed to revive the American cause and change the fortunes…

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