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The Songs Of Solomon

The Bible is a book. Some would argue its merit to be called the absolute word of God. Frankly there isn’t any other book in this world that is the subject of so much scrutiny and controversy. Yet, for those of us who believe, know its true value and have felt its depth, its wisdom, its insight. The key word over there is believe. Yet, this is not what the topic is about.

All preconceived notions about the bible state that it is a book of religious significance. So any form or mention of lines of a sensual nature are probably received with gasps and glares of judgement. Yet, believe it or not, there is a book in the bible that contains words of the most sexual in nature – Songs Of Solomon.

As a teenager, I used to be bashful reading some of the lines; at times even chuckle. These days anyone who would tell his girlfriend that her teeth are like a flock of sheep and her belly button is a rounded goblet that lacks no blended beverage, is sure to get his head kicked in. Yet, these lines were supposedly written by the wisest king of the time.

So, what can we learn from a book like this? How to talk to a woman? Unlikely, those lines are only gonna put me in a hospital somewhere or worse; in a mental institute.

The text of Song of Solomon has a depth that isn’t apparent on initial reading. Like someone reading a book containing sonnets and poetry, you need only to look beyond the surface to find its treasure. This is love story, much akin to the works of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For us Christians it holds other truths.

For whatever reason that this book was included in the holy scriptures, you can be sure it has something for everyone. Well worth a read. πŸ™‚

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