It's just Me...

What Would It Be?

11203201_10153161826640935_4325090460853212070_nA couple of days ago, I sent this picture to a few close friends of mine. In my message I said that my answer would be “Me”.

As you can imagine there were lots of ideas floating around and many different kinds of answers. Some even sparked a philosophical debate on what would make an appropriate answer.
A friend of mine had a great answer – Eradicating Hate.

At first I misunderstood his answer. However, I soon realised that he was talking about Hate as a concept; not as a form of preference or feeling towards something or someone.
That was an amazing and interesting answer. I give him props for that.

I felt that my answer was logical and there are those who will ask How would the world change if I only changed myself..?
My answer to them is, “One person at a time.” To me, the only thing that I have complete control over is myself. I’m no world leader nor am I a strong influential figure in my society. I can’t change the world, but I can be the change in my own life. Hopefully that inspires others around me.

So far there is nothing good about me. But that’s about to change. 😉

Now comes to the point where I ask you, the reader; what would you change? I hope to bring about more reader participation here. I’m certainly interested into what thoughts you all have. 🙂


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