40 Days in the Wilderness

Seth Adam Smith

Paul Cardall Paul Cardall

My friend, Paul Cardall, is a talented, best-selling musician with an incredible life story. He was born with congenital heart disease and lived for thirty years with half a heart until 2008 when it began to fail. After waiting for a heart for over a year, Paul miraculously received a heart transplant and has continued to produce beautiful music ever since (one of my personal favorites is New Life).

Paul recently released a moving album called 40 Hymns for Forty Days—a spiritual album focused on religious hymns. When I asked him about his motivation behind creating the album, this was what he wrote to me:

Scripture is replete with accounts of 40-day periods when God tested, transformed and changed individuals seeking His divine help. For example, 40 days of rain transformed the life of Noah and the world. Moses learned his purpose during 40 days on Mt. Sinai. Goliath’s 40-day…

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