The Two Preachers

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How Leaders Manage

angry-preacherTwo preachers were making the journey back from a long but local mission. The two approached the large river they must cross in order to get back to their village. As the arrived at the river bank and gathered their make-shift barge made from scrap lumber and twine, the first preacher couldn’t help but notice a very attractive and very unclothed woman bathing in the river.

He tried not to notice but couldn’t stop his eyes from cutting over to catch a glance. Each time he would get a more angry. Who does that woman think she is? Does she not know we are men of God. Is she trying to go to hell?

Suddenly the woman jumped out of the water, grabbed her clothes and ran over to the preachers. “Can I get a ride across the river? I really don’t feel like making the swim?”

Before the first preacher could…

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