Measure Of A Man – 2

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Green_Lantern_LogoYou may wonder why in the 1st article, I had put a picture of Superman. My earlier post had a collection of statements from famous people on measuring the character of a man. Its the character of the man is his true test of his strength. While there are many decent individuals around, if you truly wanted to measure what makes a really good man, its these statements. Ladies take note. 😉

So why Green Lantern in this article?
From all of the quotes that I found and compiled into that article, one stood out. Its was a statement by William Thomson or famously known as “Lord Kelvin”.
“The true measure of a man is what he would do if he knew he would never be caught.”

While others talked about overcoming trials, the way a person treats another or facing challenges; this statement stood out because it was a…

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