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couple-arguing-on-couchRecently read and shared an article on my facebook entitled, “The Beauty And Pain Of Falling In Love With The Right Person At The Wrong Time“.

As the title suggests, the author describes a relationship to demonstrate the complexities of human interaction and our essential understanding of Love. I totally agree with the fact that the we heavily rely on media and its notions of love are more or less, childish or inaccurate. We somehow get into the notions that falling in love is like a fairy tale that eventually ends, “Happily Ever After”.
Sorry Sleeping Beauty, that just isn’t the case.

Like the author, Paul Hudson suggests, just as easily we fall in love, we also fall out. Have you every had that speech?.. That Line? – “Its not you, its me.”… ?
Well, I have had and I wasn’t even in a relationship with her; I…

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