The Dream. What does it mean? What’s happening to me?

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Alright people. Let’s talk dreams. No, not dreams as in ‘Dreams and Ambitions’, although that is a nice topic; I’m talking about the stuff that happens while you are asleep.

The modern dictionary describes Dreams as “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.” Seems reasonable enough and easy to understand. Lets leave it at that… OR Let’s not.

I’ve actually been wanting to post on this topic for sometime and I’ve also been refraining from posting anything about it, due to one simple reason – I don’t want to sound like a mental patient; although with some of my previous posts, that seems to be the least of my problems.. LOL.

The most common answer to what we dream is that whatever we do dream about is a result of some subconscious collection of thoughts, life events and our emotional attachment to them. Well…

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