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Does Age Really Matter… ?

aaliyahmainAge Ain’t Nothing But A Number. How many have you heard that before?

When entering into a relationship with someone, age is probably the first or last thing that anyone would consider. Frankly speaking most people accept the traditional routes – both should be of the same age or the man should be older by a year or two; even 3 to 5 years is acceptable. There are some exceptions where the woman is older, but the age gap is a year or two at most.
But then you hear of the really odd couples, where the age gap is more than 5, 10 even to 20 years or more. Can those relationships last?

Enter the following articles on such age-gap relationships:

So what has brought about this line of questioning in terms of relationships?
Followers of my blog will remember my article on registering on a Russian online dating service..

In my last article, I said that I was having trouble choosing which door I needed to take. This came after the realisation that if I am ever going to get over the girl in the office, I need to make a conscious decision to move on; and you cannot do that by standing in the sidelines.
After joining the site, I got a number of responses from women ranging from ages 18 – 33. Since then, I’ve been talking to these women and this has been going on for some time now. It would appear that rather that string along a long line of them with false hopes of something more than friendship, I would need to make a choice.
Am I ready to make a choice? No… Do I need to? Yes. It is the right thing to do. The last thing that I want is to get someone’s hopes up and then let them down badly; hurting them in the process.
As I’ve said before. This situation makes me feel like a judge on a Miss. World or Miss Universe pageant. How is anyone supposed to make a choice like that?

But here is the other problem. The highest number of responses that I’ve gotten, are from women who are indeed quite younger than me. I would have to guess that the fact that they are from Ukraine and Russia would have something to do with it. Or maybe not. I prefer to leave racial profiling out of this. Honestly speaking, I would admit that there is no woman over here in Dubai, ages 18 – mid 20s, that would even give me a second look; especially anyone as gorgeous as these lovely ladies. I’ve never been in a position where I have beautiful women competing for my attention; competing for me. I’ll be honest, its kind of flattering in a way.

Nevertheless, I read up on the articles above and considerable others to see what is socially acceptable and what is norm with regards to age gaps in relationships. I’m no Hugh Hefner, so a few questions are there:
Do I want someone who is 16 years my junior versus someone who is only 3…?
If I say no to someone who is considerably younger, am I turning down something that could be great?

In a way I feel bad for the ladies over 30 on this sites. Even though they are so beautiful and successful, most men on the site who in my shoes would be glad to choose the younger woman. After all, every one would like to have a young, fit and trim wife. Younger women are also said to be more fun.. 😉
But then again the women my age have the advantage of being mature in spirit as well; I would probably be able to have decent intellectual conversation with them.
That is not to say I wouldn’t be able to have a decent conversation with the younger women as well. From what I’ve read in the letters that they’ve written to me, these ladies are not just supermodel beautiful, but they show amazing intellectual maturity for their age. Their thoughts seem more mature than my own at times.

In my defense, men never really grow up; we grow old. 😛
In some instances we act like children; others, we act like grumpy old men, complaining all the time. You rarely find us at a moment where we’re in between. 😉
So I would believe a woman would show more maturity than a man in most points of a relationship. Am I right ladies?

So what is my answer..? Do I conform to the safety of the norm and pick someone that is close to my own age? Or do I venture into wild adventures with a much younger woman?
While I may feel bad for the women my age on these sites, its a fact that I can’t save all of them from loneliness. I sometimes wonder and hope that my attention isn’t their last chance in finding someone. Ladies as gorgeous as them, highly doubt it.

I’m allowed only one wife, for the rest of my life. So my choice has to be right the first time round. The last thing I want to do is have a string of relationships and later on in life wonder about the ‘one’ that got away.

I’m not saying that I’m definitely going to choose a wife from these sites. My destiny might be else where; but I would be a mad man to not give it some consideration.

As always opinions are welcome.

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