Girl Trouble

Did I just get myself a mail order bride?

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It been so long since I posted something. I need to start being regular I suppose, but I didn’t have anything quite as interesting to share until now.

OK… I know what you are thinking. Well… actually I don’t, but I can take a guess. 😛
Those who followed the articles on Girl Trouble are probably thinking that I’ve gone either completely desperate or insane. Maybe I have or maybe not.

Now please suspend disbelief but I don’t know how I got onto these sites. Perhaps its a drunk thing or a repressed memory… LOL.

As it turns out I have registered myself onto two online dating sites. However these sites specialize in introducing Russian & other women to foreign men. I did a bit of searching on google into the possible scams on these sites and there were mixed results. But for the most part these sites were legit.

In the end, I think I’ve opened up a can of worms. I logged into my email one day and noticed like 87 messages from women I didn’t even know; majority from the Ukraine. Going through their profiles, it was like standing in front of a buffet and not knowing what to get.
I know many female readers with sneer at that remark, but I’m a guy. These women are extremely beautiful and by their profiles, well educated. They seemed like such excellent catches, it was funny that they were on sites like these.

In any case, I was honest to all the women that sent me messages. I told them that I was in love with my current superior at work and the only thing that I could offer them was an open, honest, friendship. Some understood and I’ve never heard from them again, the others chose to continue to be friends with me.
Whether any of this will lead to a serious relationship is clearly uncertain. I see it as a sort of happy accident that led to a form of a social experiment to see if there were any women in this world that see me as attractive or a good candidate.

As it turns out, yes, there are… but they don’t live where I do. 😛


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