Girl Trouble

Attractively Scarey

10624776_10204597293030633_743179769436731019_nHaha. So true.

Looking back at the kind of girls that I have been attracted to have certainly had an aura of terror about them.

Its not that they were fierce Xena – Warrior Princess types, but their personalities could be described as “Spirited”.
If you look at my history with those women, you’ll see that the progression starts off with a little scared and then, before I know it, I’ve fallen for them. Silly huh?

But there was one that I cannot actually explain why I was scared of her.

At the time, Myself and my brother were doing a 4 month stint as volunteers at an orphanage in Thailand. She came over with a friend to volunteer for a week while on summer vacation.
Thinking about it now, I did find her attractive, but her personality wasn’t as “Spirited” as the others. So why did I find her scary? I don’t know and till now I cannot answer that question.

Going on from that point, I can’t say that I really fell for her. We really never got to hang out or get to know each other better. You can thank my brother for that. He always the entertaining one and tends to hog all the attention from those around us.

Well.. Probably if I could go back in time maybe I would make more of an effort. As I see it now, given enough time, I probably would’ve fallen for her. Or may be not.


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