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Anger Management

how-to-control-angerOh Dubai… You vex me so.

In an earlier post, I wrote about my issues with anger. Sadly I fear that its becoming worse at the moment. I honestly don’t know what it is. Perhaps it is the place. Maybe I need a change of surroundings for a while. Maybe I need a vacation. The only time that I don’t feel myself going insane is when I’m in the same room with her.

But today, even seeing her couldn’t calm me down. I should be better than this. I am better than this. Or am I just kidding myself?

Yesterday while out on a work related errand at a Municipality office, I parked IronHide in parking lot. Just as I finished parking, another vehicle parked near me on the right. However it parked way too close to me and the idiot on the front passenger seat, opened his door and hit mine and chipped the paint.
For the months that I have had IronHide, I have been cautious, courteous when it came to parking. Knowing the size of the truck, I always made sure it wasn’t in any way a hinderance to other people I parked next to and this was no exception. What is worse, the guy saw me watching him as he was getting out. He looked at my face and then hit my door; like he was checking to make sure that I wasn’t an Arab.
When I confronted him, he gave me a weird look and said, “So?.. What do you want?”…
“What do I want?! I want compensation.. Who is going to pay for that?” I yelled. “I’m calling the police.”
I called the police to request assistance, and the cop on the phone was an even bigger idiot. He said the same thing to me. I must admit, I was getting more angrier by the minute and the ass that hit my car just started walking away.
I wanted to yell at the cop on the phone, accusing him of being racist and claiming that if it was his own vehicle, he would want what I am asking for. As you can imagine, I’m very angry now but I held my composure. O how I wish I could’ve dented that guy, his friend and his friend’s car with my fist without facing any repercussions, but that would’ve not been the case. Even though he was an ass, any outbursts further than the confrontation would’ve been my lowering myself to his 4th world racist Indian mentality.
I apologise to any Indian reading this in that I’m beginning to sound quite racist myself, but I will explain. I was a victim of racist vandalism. I’m in no way racist. Some of my best friends are Indian. I’m prepared to take a bullet for them.
It was the fact that this moron looked at my face and did it. Had I looked like a European or an Arab, he would’ve taken more care in getting out of the vehicle to avoid hitting my door. Just because I look like someone from the sub-continent, he assumed it was a free pass. It wasn’t an accident; it was vandalism, plain and simple.

Today, while visiting the same office again, I was waiting for someone to call my number. The officer at the counter called my number and then told me to wait where I was until he came back. He was away from his desk for 45 mins. Just before he came back, another guy came and sat next to me at the waiting area. Then when the officer came to his desk, this guy just went forward and got his work done; randomly cutting in front of me. How inconsiderate!!! And how inconsiderate of the clerk to accept him, knowing well that I was waiting for 45 mins for him.
When the jackass left, officer called me forward. Finally after 1 hour and 15 mins of waiting, after my number was called, I was getting some service. Oh how wrong I was.
I got to the desk and the officer proceeded to dial a number on his phone and then began talking away, laughing, joking, etc. The phone call was for about 20 mins. I know.. I was timing it. I had somewhere I needed to be, but this was important. I needed to finish this today.
I was boiling inside. Is this what they call customer service? And what the hell was with that guy cutting in, even after I told him that I was waiting for the officer for 45 mins.
I was boiling inside.

Things like this infuriate me. Dubai is full of inconsiderate racists. I’m sorry to say. Perhaps its my own sense of justice. It just can’t take it. Having lived here for so long, you’d think that I’d be immunised to it, but sometimes it just gets to me.
I’m amazed at the girl at the office though. She’s been here just as long as me and I see her so calm, so relaxed. I wonder if she faces the same things I do.

Being a Christian I should be a master of my own emotions. Yes.. I should and I’m real enough to say that I’m not perfect. I’m trying to Better and not Bitter; and that’s all anyone can ever do.


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