It's just Me...

The Clock keeps on Ticking

2014-2015-calendar-heroWell.. Christmas has just passed. Soon a New Year will be dawning on us. Oh how time flies. 🙂

Seems it was like only yesterday that I was in Singapore at this time last year. Parties were happening all round me. I was in the club district. You could hear the sounds of bass thumping everywhere as people were ready to dance the night away.
Having just arrived in Singapore on that day, I was feeling a bit of Jet-lag, but still decided to check out the scene.

After a couple of drinks, my body was telling me it was done. My brain was disappointed. It felt like living it up a bit more, but the rest of me had had enough. So I went to nearby 7-11, got myself a couple of Breezers and just sat in front of the inn, watching the city go bye.

This was not a loss of a New Year’s Eve for me. Since I was alone I took the opportunity to start reflecting, reminiscing and basically be in state of wonder.
2013, was much of an eventful year. Work was still the same with one major change. December, was my 1st vacation in 7 years. Reminiscing on how time flies and reflected on what was to be an eventful end to a great trip. The next day, I was going to see a friend, someone I had not seen for about 10 years.

So now, 2014 is going to end. What can I say has happened so far. Facebook has a new feature. I saw quite a few friends post something that brings together posts and pics summarising your entire year. Mine has been quite eventful. Got a promotion at work. A new Truck. On the personal side, I’m more mature and wiser than when I entered 2014. I do not know what I will be doing for New Year’s Eve. Certainly won’t be sitting outside an inn with a Breezer in my hand. Sure would like one though. 😛


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