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I was encouraged by a friend to join this social networking site called Internations. They hold events for expats to get together, meet new people and make new connections, friends, etc. It’s especially good for those who are new to a particular country or place.

Being a shy person, I had pretty much declined any invitation to attend such meets. I’m not necessary comfortable in being in a place where I do not know anyone.
Recently I felt that I was probably stuck in some sort of rut in my social life and I needed to work on my socializing skills. I needed to be open and out-going. I recall mentioning in another post that I intended to be and so with that in mind, I decided to take the leap.

On approaching the date of my 1st meet, I tried to call up a couple of friends to go with me; I even called my brother. He was always good at meeting new people. I thought that I could get some tips from him. Sadly, none of the people I knew were able to accompany me and so it would be just me. Only me, alone, with 400+ strangers. I was almost to back out. The idea of approaching and talking to someone was not comfortable at all to me; especially if they’re women.
Its was guaranteed that either one of two things were going to happen:

  1. I would be sitting in a corner, drinking by myself.
  2. Make a complete fool of myself by trying to talk to someone and getting brushed off, a cold shoulder or an awkward stare.

So, with that in mind, I dreaded going but I did anyway. Truthfully I was glad that I did.
Imagine Raj from the Big Bang Theory and then you know what or how I was. Like Raj, I went to the bar, had a drink and another and then waited for the alcohol to kick in. After that I felt I had the courage to mingle. I met a couple of people and two really lovely ladies. Sadly though I did not get their numbers. 😛

My second meet, I went with a friend. He is very out-going and confident. So as you can imagine it wasn’t long before he was interacting with a few people. He encouraged me to make a bit more of an effort to approach people. Again, I met some really interesting people.

All in all, I suppose with every meet, the anxiety of meeting new people will go down and I will get more confident at it. I see this as a great social exercise that has helped me get rid of any social awkwardness that I had before. You can guarantee to see me in more InterNations events in the future.








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