How to reprimand someone (with dignity)

How Leaders Manage


Many times we as leaders make this much more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. We play out how the situation might go in our heads to the point of ludicracy. Then trapping ourselves in fear of what might happen, we do nothing. Fear of paralysis kicks in.

If people do something wrong, they deserve to know. They deserve a leader with enough  intestinal fortitude to tell them. Sometimes they are simply testing you to see what you will let the get away with and if it keeps going it can transform to disrespectful.

A reprimand is pretty simple. Just make a sandwich, a reprimand sandwich:

  • Praise the person’s qualities Make sure you are sincere and not like a guest on Jerry Springer who always starts out with “You know I love you right” then drops a bomb on them.
  • Hit the problem BEHAVIOR directly and hard by…

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