How Leaders Manage


The proper way to delegate is to imagine you have a rope attached to each of your people.  The more they prove they are competent and can handle a given situation they more you gradually let out slack in the rope.  When they display bad judgment, you shorten the rope.  The goal of being a good manager is to have a lot a rope let out in many directions but never just hand them the entire rope. The mistake many make is when the grip is too lose or too tight.

Micromanagers don’t know how to loosen their grip on the rope. At best micromanagers are bad bosses. They don’t have enough self-confidence to release tasks or projects when competency and integrity have been proven repeatedly.

Micromanagers either have very low emotional maturity or are control freaks. They are the meddlesome mother-in-law still instructing the couple after the couple has…

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