Life, fear, hope

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What  is life?

I went out with a friend of mine few days  ago and she told me that she went to a funeral last week. The 22 years old fiance of a friend of hers died, while she was sleeping next to him,out of the sudden. Even though I didn’t knew her (or him), that news blew me of.

Why do we live?

OK, we have a purpose but what happens when we don’t reach it? Then, why were we borned? It’s in my strong belief that everything happens for a reason….What is the reason for being borned and die without accomplishing your dreams?

I always try to be open,not to be afraid,to find solutions to everything, to find something good in something bad, but this….this frightens me. I have a dream and the fact that I may not get to make it come true it’s kinda interfering  with…

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