Life in Dubai

The Little Things I Miss About Dubai Part 3

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If you live in Dubai then you have been to IKEA. Located deep in the bowels of festival city, it sits like a gargantuan genetically-modified Lego brick, a heaving blue monolith, a discarded spacecraft left to rot by aliens who decided its colours were too effeminate for intergalactic travel. Attached to the mothership is a colossal pole, piercing the ceiling of the sky, that is emblazoned with the store’s name in garish custard yellow letters. Those letters sit there like an unnatural warning: the luminous back of a poisoned arrow frog, the underbelly of a sea snake, the flickering eye of a Komodo dragon. It is a herald of chaos, of misery and of the first time in your life that you remember contemplating death.


IKEA is something of a cultural exception in Dubai, one of the emirate’s few great levellers, one of those uncommon places where you will see…

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