Life in Dubai

The Little Things I Miss About Dubai – Part 2

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Why would anyone miss something that has literally left their life strewn with crap? Why would anyone long for service that would make a blind brain surgeon look competent? Well, when you leave Dubai – you can never be sure what you’re going to miss…

Calling out a maintenance guy, be they electrician, plumber or gas-man, is rarely a pleasurable experience. Even in England, the visit of a tradesman usually involves a hairy-arsed bloke in dungarees whistling ominously at your boiler or u-bend, before turning towards you and contorting his lips and eyebrows in the universal tradesman facial expression for ‘this does not look good but it does look expensive’.



A few more heavy sighs are followed by a quote that makes you feel that they must be numerically illiterate because they have mistakenly added so many zeroes to the end of your bill. Regardless…

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