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Salt Water Car?

image_quant_01We all know the way the world is attempting to shift away from its dependence on fossil fuels. Its not wrong. Even though I’m a Petrol Head / Gear-Head, I do like the idea of alternative fuels. It appeals to the techno-geek in me. I always wonder what motoring will be like in the future. What is the future of hot-rodding? We all have amazing technological advances in engine designs, but it amazing how the simple stuff makes even more sense.

The idea of a water driven car is actually an old one. Prior to the modern petrol engine, people drove around in steam engined and electrical automobiles. I recall my father mentioning that in the early 70s there was an engineer in Sri Lanka who had made a way for his car to run on water. He also mentioned that the same man was almost never heard from again after he made the announcement. Conspiracy theorists would have us believe that the oil companies would have had him and many more just like him, knocked off. That probably makes sense. But that is not what this article is about.
The novelty here is that the medium is not just any water, its sea-water. This is an amazing idea. We’re not using up precious water that can be used for drinking, but the kind of water that makes up all our seas and oceans. Its the most abundant resource we have on earth.
Now how to do get an engine to run on seawater without rusting away? How Stuff Works has an article that asks the question, “Could salt water fuel cars ?”

To answer that question, may I present the following article.

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Its perfect if the rest of the modern world can rally up behind the idea, we can truly say that the fuel of the future is clearly solved.

So ladies and gentlemen, meet the real car of the future…

quant-01 quant-03 quant-04

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