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Someone hit IronHide.

14988_10152651289765935_8530278083037713771_nOn a way to a friend’s place over the weekend, someone hit my brand new truck. Just over a month old, you can imagine how pissed I am about the whole situation.

The guy was attempting to enter a busy highway and he entered at the wrong time. An on-coming car shrieked to a halt just I was passing by on the lane next to it. Panicking over the whole thing, he steered into my truck. All I felt was a nudge, like I had run over a walnut.
I moved the side of the road and so did he, both into a nearby ironically coincidental parking area. As I got out of IronHide, I dreaded looking, but it needed to be done. I was annoyed that a simple drive over to a friend’s place turned into such an event.

When the guy got out of his car and walked over to check the damage done to my car, I had a few fruity things to say to the man, but held my tongue and my composure. After all, I’m a Christian and a gentleman. I must conduct myself in a proper manner. No use mouthing off to some one who probably won’t be able to understand much of what you’re saying.

10703919_10152651290320935_6995247855409565056_nMind you looking at what IronHide did to his Corolla, I couldn’t help laugh. It seems like I got the better end of the deal is that scenario. As we got to talking while waiting for the police to arrive, I could see the remorse in his face; especially when I told him how long I’ve had the truck.

When the Police did arrive, we explained the whole incident and were issued the proper papers. Tomorrow I’ll have to take Ironhide to the workshop to properly assess the damage. The repairs are covered by insurance, so no big issue there.

10369868_10152651289650935_7683579338077281182_n 10645100_10152651290025935_8076447334260841851_n 10671232_10152651289915935_3927624842054389373_n 1969134_10152651290425935_8586381210405739856_n


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