It's just Me...

Birthday Dinner – 22/Sept/2014

10678699_10152641783425935_1934595047184629617_nMany thanks to my brother Jason for the dinner treat & for my family for being there.

Thanks to Molham for making it as well.

My plate was full.. Managed to finish it all – 300g T-Bone Steak, 2 lamb chops, a sausage and half a chicken (de-boned), salad, onion rings and corn on the cob. 😛



That is me blowing out the candle. Okay, no cake, but then again who needs it when you have steak. haha





1150900_863666373645277_1787851115499977863_n 1235015_863666356978612_1762882150137655721_n

There’s Jason, begin crazy again.

10157206_863666323645282_5702510085693632573_n 10157206_863666396978608_5740318193351741979_n  10387693_863666420311939_6497495941057181947_n  10616638_863666296978618_999203448521525616_n 10653410_863666450311936_5616344615291309351_n


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