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Week 1 with IronHide

BxQPZfeCEAAtbiW IronHide reached a landmark mileage yesterday. It was so random.
I was stopped and a traffic signal for 2 minutes when I just glanced at the mileage meter and noticed it. I soon took my phone and caught it. Imagine it.. 777kms.
OK.. Many would not know what the significance of that number is so let me explain. I come from a family deeply rooted in aviation. To us aviation fans, we know the Boeing 777 very well. My dream is to pilot one someday as a career. Yes, I’m 32. Kinda too late to be making large career changes? No.. not really; but that is something for another post.

Back to the truck. The overwhelming response from family and friends to the truck is pretty astounding. I cannot imagine the number of compliments on the choice. Some question the reasoning behind getting such a vehicle, but when explained, I seems to have won over the doubters.
The most joyful person is of course my mother. She’s loved the GMC trucks ever since she saw them. She always wanted to take a ride in one. Now she can… It doesn’t bother her that its not a GMC. To her all trucks look alike. 😛

So what is it like to drive. Frankly when I took the test drive, it did not seem that big. But on the day of delivery, it did seem rather large; too large was my 1st thought. I wondered whether I’ll be able to live with the size.
After a week now with the truck, I’m rather comfortable with the size. My anxiousness seems to be premature. From the day that I started driving, the largest vehicle that I had driven was a Toyota Hiace van and my colleagues Nissan Pathfinder; both no where near the immense size of IronHide. For the rest of the time, I drove small to mid-sized cars. Therefore one can imagine my initial scare.

On the road, Nissan Patrols, Land Cruisers and other 4x4s look rather small; even the American GM SUVs seem rather small. I think they are. IronHide sits taller than most things, which makes me a bit nervous when taking into mall underground parking lots. Fortunately I have seen trucks in those places as well, so I’m not too worried.
When cruising on the highway, I no longer get bullied by anyone in their fast saloons or 4x4s. IronHide’s size certainly is impressive and imposing. It takes no bullying. They simply move around me. I feel no need to cruise at high speeds nor take corners the way I used to in the Interceptor (Alfa Romeo 156). The truck’s centre of gravity is high and prone to body role. I definitely knew that I will have to change my driving style when I booked the vehicle.
Parking takes a bit of time. I’m sure that once I’ve completely mastered the size of the truck it will get easier. Of course, finding a place to park is another issue. The truck’s size makes it a bit of a hassle.

10641206_10152603433380935_372225664624284584_nIronHide’s true distractions are its toys. I’ve never had a vehicle with handsfree before, nor one that can play music off my phone and charge it at the same time. Oh, the remote start is nice feature. I just cannot get tired of using it. Not sure if I should be using it that much though.. 🙂

In any case, it will be reaching the 1000km mark soon and going in for its 1st service; which means that the breaking-in period will be over and I can then rev the engine and use its full power potential. So far I have been taking things slow and keeping the speeds to only 100kph.
They say that you don’t need to do that for new cars anymore, but I prefer to call it ‘best practice’. It good to ensure that you’re taking every precaution to get keep your engine in the best condition. After all, you take care of the vehicle, it will take care of you.


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