Should you get close to your people?

How Leaders Manage


When I first moved into a leadership role, I had a lot of people tell me that I shouldn’t get close to my people. Some of my mentors, at the time, would go on and on telling how “you can’t be friends or let them get close to you.”

I understand the elements they were trying to portray to me. They thought if you let someone get too close, they would take advantage of you and your guidelines that you set in place to ensure their success. They assumed it would make discipline difficult. However, discipline should not be your main focus. Success should be your focus! It’s like the term, “hold them accountable”. Yes, you need to hold them accountable, but it’s easier to keep them focused.

I took their advice at first. I didn’t let people get close to me. There was a great chiasm between them and…

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