Good Leaders Don’t Hold People Accountable

How Leaders Manage


Old school managers who have an autocratic style (military, dictatorial, or authoritarian) are big into holding people accountable.  One of my earlier managers as I entered the job market operated this way and was proud of it.  He consistently harped on his “accountability checklist”.  He was an extreme micro-manager.   He had his fingers in everything.  All aspects of the people’s daily task, he was involved.  Overtime his people started to push back and rebel against his methods.  They began only doing the bare minimums of what was expected.  He could only pay attention to a few things at a time and those are the only things his people put any effort into doing the right way and it was minimum at best.  Everything else they cut corners.  When you hold people accountable you have to be prepared to take action when they don’t do what you ask.

Holding people accountable is…

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