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Autonomous Vehicles? Really?

I’m sure that this isn’t the 1st time that you have heard of this. Let me show you the 1st time I saw this idea in action.

LOL… How many of you remember that show? How many reading this ever thought of having a KITT car. It was so cool. Now how many remember the show in the video below.

Ok.. I’m through will all the 80s blasts… For now. 😉
Now some videos from this century.

So, what is my point. The child in me is excited about the prospect of getting into a car letting it drive for you. As a kid I couldn’t wait to own a car. I always thought of building my own KITT.
However now though, as an adult, I’m not too sure. How many of you remember your 1st time taking control of a vehicle? Remember the excitement of driving? Do you really want a computer taking that away from you?

What Google is trying to do, is simply just that? Imagine a world when people trade in their cars for appliances made by Google which are simply a plastic or carbon fibre pods with seats. Would you want to travel in that?
There are other things wrong as well. I’ll let Jeremy Clarkson say it. (Sorry guys, I couldn’t find another video)

My take on the whole thing is this. I like the idea of the having a car that can drive for you on a highway. It helps on the long journeys when you’re tired and needing a rest. In this way, I applaud the efforts of BMW (above) & Hyndai (below). This enables you to get control when you need to, but as Hyundai shows, the system is sound; even in an emergency. But when you have feel like driving and having the pleasure of control and taking your car to the limit, you can because there are controls.
But I don’t like the idea of a car without controls. On a safety front, as we know, computers can fail. Anyone in IT will tell you. The other thing is that most people can only afford one car. Those who aren’t really interested in driving will probably want to get Google cars. But those of us who are Petrolheads / Gearheads, we won’t enjoy it unless we can have the control when we want to.

Stuff like what we used to see in Knight Rider is just around the corner. Hyundai has proven that its just so close. The only real question is Do we really want it? My answer is Yes AND No.

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