I was arrested and taken away…REALLY???

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ One of the main themes in my writing is the subject of justice and in the Western World we have no shortage of real life stories which remind us that a myriad of men, women, and children are direly in need of justice.

Each week for the past few months I’ve been co-hosting a podcast with fellow blogger Kylie from Journeyofkylie.com and this week’s episode which airs today deals with a serious matter; the arrest of Kylie. Kylie wasn’t doing anything wrong, she wasn’t breaking the law, she wasn’t hurting anyone, she wasn’t even hurting herself; but due to overzealous law enforcement, she was thrown to the ground, handcuffed like a common criminal and taken away.

Is it just me or have police officers and law enforcement officials become power hungry in recent decades? I remember watching “The Andy Griffith Show” as a child which…

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