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Another Day In Paradise

Think Twice…

I used to watch this song on the TV when I was a kid. Back then my parents would always recall this as one of the best songs ever recorded. As a child, you’re protected from the horrors of the world by your parents. To those more unfortunate than us, age is just a number. The world’s struggles affect both young and old.

The entire premise of the song tells a story of someone discarded, ignored and rejected by society just for being unfortunate.
In the increasingly hostile and self-absorbed world we live in, our tendency is to focus on our own issues without considering anyone else. Let’s be frank. We need to. But that shouldn’t be the end of it.

A lesson on perspective is to be had here. Look around. See the person closest to you. Chances are that their problems are more worse than yours. Once in a while I think about how bad I’ve got it, only to see an image of a children/people in hungry and homeless in war-torn nations to make me think otherwise. All my rants about traffic, road manners, equality, etc., absolutely pointless.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but at least you have grass. To the guy standing in mud, for you its just another day in paradise.


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