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It’s Supposed To Work

2014-03-26_atm-windows-xpIf you’re new to Dubai, you’d quickly find out that even though some things appear as modern and up to date, that isn’t always the case. Well, the main gripe is that these so called services don’t work when you need them to.
Case in point, a well known local bank boasts that they have put in a good amount of ATMs all around Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. That is all well and good. But what is the bloody point when most of the time they don’t work.

The other day I went to see someone off at the airport. Only to be held up because a fiasco with the parking payment system. They insist on us using these payment machines to free up the queues at the exit booth. But when you’re roaming around the entire terminal seeing all the machines with a sign that says “Out Of Order” what are you to do. Well, it would’ve been no problem if there was someone in the booth to manually let people out. It took that 45 minutes for him to show up. Added to the misery was the fact that I had to pay extra because of their stupid delays.
“Well if you did not want to pay that much, you should’ve left earlier.” I bloody would have if your pissing machines were working or if you were actually here doing your job.

You find such stuff all over Dubai; all over the U.A.E. for that matter. If you go to a government department for anything, if the computer system is down for any reason, they pretty much close the entire department. So much bureaucracy and there isn’t a failsafe when something goes wrong; or if there is, they just can’t be bothered to get going just because there is extra work involved.

I seriously wonder what will happen if all the systems shut down in this place? Would a policeman actually come out to direct traffic at a busy signal?… etc.
Ok.. I’m getting ahead of myself. Its not like that is ever going to happen. Not all the computers will shut down. Albert will still be working. LOL. 😛
What I don’t understand is the fact that they push this new technology on us, but fail to have the initiative to do anything when said service has failed. Worst part of it all is that when something doesn’t work, they try to pin the issue on us that we in some way have tampered with the machines OR have in some form not done anything correctly.
Heaven forbid that they introduce those self-checkouts at the grocery stores like they have in the U.K. and the U.S. Those things don’t work either. Self check in at the airport seems like a mess in itself as well. I myself have not had the opportunity to use them. I imagine its rather convenient, but stands to make a whole load of issues when something goes wrong. What if the machine sends the bags to the destination of person who used the machine before you… Don’t laugh, it could happen.
At least with the airport, you have some consolation that there are measures taken into consideration in case an issue does arise. I wish the same could be said about those other services here in Dubai.

It’s not that I’m anti-tech; far from it. Its great. Makes life a whole lot easier. I just don’t like being forced to use something only to find out that they don’t work and they have left me with no alternatives.

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  1. I think the main problem with most of these types of things is the proprietary software crashes. We had that happen where I worked daily. Damned expensive software too. They should be set to automatically reboot every night about 2 AM to clear things out, but they just let them run steady until something goes haywire.

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